Allegra Richard
Marketing Directo

Allegra joined the board in June 2016 and is in charge of Foyer's Marketing initiatives.  She is originally from Washington, D.C. and most recently worked with the U.S. Government.

Janie McArthu
Sponsorship & Communications Director

Janice joined the Board in 2011 and is currently responsible for Foyer's Sponsorship program and Newsletter.  After participating on a volunteer trip to Foyer in 2008, Janice has visited Foyer a total of four times and has even adopted a child, who is now 8 years old.  Janice is originally from Coeru D'Alene, Idaho and was formerly a University Professor of Education.

Rob Hamill

Rob joined the Board in 2012 after visiting the orphanage with his close friend and former Chairman of the Board, Sonja Sweek.  He  began helping Foyer with small administrative projects and quickly moved on to lead efforts to explore opportunities to help the orphanage become more self sufficient.  Rob became the Chairman of the Board in 2016 and dreams of dramatically expanding the scope of services the children currently receive over the next two years.  He is originally from a small island in the Marshall Islands and currently works as a management consultant in Palo Alto, CA.

Janet Lunt
Volunteer Coordinator

Janet joined the Board following a volunteer trip, where she fell in love with Haiti and the children of Foyer de Sion.  As a Volunteer Coordinator for Foyer, she has lead volunteer trips to Foyer one to two times per year for the past several years, buildling a close bond with Foyer's children.  Janet is originally from Woodland Hills, Utah and was most recently a Branch Manager and Escrow Officer.  

Wendi Frederickso
Volunteer Coordinato

Wendi first became involved with Foyer through a volunteer trip in 2012.  As a Volunteer Coordinator, she now visits Foyer three to four times per year, bringing with her youth, families and individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  Wendi is originally from Provo, Utah and was most recently a High School teacher.


Joelle Birge
Partnerships Director

Joelle joined the Board in June 2016, inspired by the commitment and passion of her classmate Rob Hamill.  She is currently working on building and growing Foyer's strategic partnerships, as well as helping with marketing initiatives as needed.  Joelle plans to make her first visit to the orphanage this spring.  She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and most recently worked in investing.

Faith Nelson

Faith became involved with the Board after adopting two children from Foyer de Sion.  Upon returning home from her first visit to Haiti, Faith was so impressed and inspired by the Foyer staff that she wanted to get involved.  She has since lead several volunteer trips and also helped with fundraising initiatives.  Faith is from Lyman, WY, where she lives with her husband and two children.


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