Haiti, an island country in the Caribbean, is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  In January 2010, a 7.0 earthquake brought this island nation to the world’s attention.

Today, there is an urgent need to aid the Haitian people and, in particular, Haitian orphans.  There were over 300,000 orphans in Haiti prior to the 2010 earthquake, and that number has only increased.  Many Haitian children are still in need of support and loving homes.

Foyer de Sion is an orphanage just outside of Port-au-Prince and has over 130 children in its care, ranging in age from newborns to 17 years of age. The story of Foyer de Sion begins with Guesno and Majorie Mardy, two individuals who have dedicated their lives to the children of Haiti. 

In 1999 Guesno, a taxi driver, and Majorie, a social worker, felt compelled to improve the lives of the Haitian street children they saw on a daily basis. These children were in desperate need of nutrition, shelter and love. Using only Guesno’s income from driving a taxi, they decided to take in 17 Haitian children — and Foyer de Sion orphanage was born.
Guesno and Majorie applied for and obtained a license to operate as an orphanage in Haiti, and have since placed over 250 children into homes and families in the United States, Canada and France.  

Despite at times having up to 225 children in their care at once, Guesno and Majorie love each of Foyer de Sion's children personally.  When adopted, the children come home to their new families speaking fondly of and missing these two incredible human beings who have forever shaped their lives.

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Guesno and Majorie continue to care for infants and older children alike as they raise their own 6 children in the difficult circumstances of Haiti.  They have dreams and hopes for each of the children they care for and continually work every day to make life a little better for as many as they possibly can. 

The Mardys believe in the butterfly effect — that their act of hope will ripple out into the world and gain momentum to help more children. 

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This rippling of hope has reached over 250 Haitian children to date — feeding them, protecting them, and finding them loving families. Somehow that wave of hope has reached you. You have found Foyer de Sion, and have the opportunity to increase this surge of hope with your love and compassion.

Please know that whatever contribution you can make (volunteering, financial assistance, or medical or other professional services), will make a profound difference in the lives of Foyer de Sion's children.


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As a nonprofit board, Foyer de Sion, Inc. supports the children of Foyer de Sion orphanage through volunteer efforts, sponsorship programs, and coordination of donations. A core tenet of our philosophy is that the children of Foyer de Sion receive care within the context of their own culture and society. For this reason, the orphanage is led and managed completely by Haitian staff.

We partner with local organizations, schools, vendors, and businesses to meet the needs of these children while supporting the Haitian economy as much as possible. As a nonprofit board, we work with our Haitian counterparts to find ways to improve the children’s lives and well-being, but ultimately trust and depend on the director of the orphanage and the local staff to do what they believe is best for the children.