The children of Foyer de Sion need your help right now. Know that through your contribution, you are truly saving a life as every contribution provides food, shelter, medical care, and other basic goods to children in need. 100% of your donation goes directly to support the children of Foyer de Sion - Foyer de Sion, Inc. is a volunteer non-profit board and does not collect any administrative fees.


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    Daily nutrition, shelter, and clothing 

    Lifesaving medical care   

    School tuition 

    And much more...


Please consider becoming a recurring donor to Foyer de Sion. By committing to support the children of Foyer on a monthly basis, your generosity and dependability will allow us to plan ahead, prevent stock-outs of critical goods, and develop support programs that go beyond providing for the children’s basic needs.

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We are pleased to inform you that by signing up for Amazon Smile, you can direct a portion of all future Amazon purchases to Foyer de Sion, at no additional cost.  To learn more on how to do this, see our FAQs page. 

Questions? Please contact

If you would prefer to make a contribution by check, please make checks payable to Foyer de Sion, Inc. and mail to:
Foyer de Sion
515 7th Street
SEWashington, DC 20003

Foyer de Sion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. 


You can make a tremendous difference in the life of someone in need by sponsoring a child at Foyer de Sion. As a sponsor, you will become a direct lifeline of support to one child. Your generous contributions will provide for all of the critical goods and services that this child needs every day. You will be matched with an individual child and will receive updates every six months on the status and well-being of this child. 


The approximate monthly cost of living per child at Foyer de Sion is $130 (additional information on these costs are available here.  There are three levels of sponsorship available depending on your individual budget:


♡ $130 per month - Full sponsorship

♡ $50 per month - Education and school uniforms

♡ $30 per month - Full cost of food per child


All sponsorship donations are tax deductible. For more information about sponsorships and to sign-up, please email us

Foyer de Sion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

Giving to Foyer de Sion has never been easier

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